Michael Puckett

JavaScript Engineer


I'm a programmer for hire, currently based in Louisville, Kentucky.

I've lived and worked across the U.S., most recently at Apple in California.

My background is in design. My passion is making useful digital things.



UI Engineer Cupertino, CA 2013 - 2016

I helped build and maintain the front-end for apple.com across several redesigns.


Senior Web Developer Atlanta, GA 2013

I worked on the responsive redesign and replatforming of CNN.com.


Web Developer Nashville, TN 2012 - 2013

I built marketing websites and web apps for clients, including the National Guard.

Fruit of the Loom

Web Developer Bowling Green, KY 2012

I designed and developed a relaunch of jerzees.com and maintained other brand websites.


Web Developer Nashville, TN 2010 - 2012

I worked on a web app that generated marketing materials for small businesses.


Front-End Web Development

HTML CSS/Sass JS Photoshop
Pixel Perfect Implementation
I can reproduce design comps in code at such a high fidelity that overlaying the coded site and the original design reveals no differences.
Responsive Web Design
For years, I have advocated using CSS media queries and mobile-first patterns to target all screen sizes from a single responsive codebase.
Styleguide Driven Development
I've found that developers can better collaborate with designers by building a living library of reusable components that acts as a shared visual vocabulary.
Accessibility and Inclusivity
To accommodate all users, including those with screen readers, I keep in mind concerns like semantic markup and color contrast.
  • Apple
    I built pixel-perfect interfaces to support product launches, campaigns, and transactions on apple.com. I created a living styleguide and architected the transition of the UI codebase to SMACSS (Scalable & Modular Architecture) style.
  • iostudio
    I helped develop nationalguard.com, the first website of any branch in the U.S. military to go responsive, and among the first government sites to do so. I worked closely with designers to address visual issues that arose across multiple mobile and tablet screen sizes.

Full Stack Application Development

ES6 React/JSX NodeJS
MVC/FRP Frameworks
I have experience with the previous generation of MVC frameworks, such as Angular1 and Backbone. I specialize in the next generation of frameworks based on web components and functional-reactive programming (FRP) concepts, like React.
iOS/Android App Development
I strongly believe that React is the right choice for web apps and mobile apps. I don't know Swift or Java, but I'm right at home with React Native, a JavaScript framework that leverages native code to produce highly performant native apps.
Crafted, Maintainable Code
To avoid technical debt, I focus on maintainability by establishing processes, standards and tooling to support writing testable, modular, peer-reviewed code.
Scripting & Back-End Development
I've written build systems and CLI scripts with NodeJS and I've hacked on web servers and APIs with a MEAN stack or similar.
  • CNN
    Together with a small team of engineers, I helped migrate cnn.com from a Java backend to an Express web server that received JSON data from a CMS. My main responsibility was templating data into markup. By using an isomorphic template engine, we gained the flexibility to send pre-rendered markup from the server or to generate markup from JSON on the client, from the same templates.
  • iostudio
    I wrote the front-end of a single page web app written in Angular1 that helped National Guard recruiters keep track of their potential and active recruits. Features included authentication, account priveledges, a calendar, and CRUD (create, read, update, delete) operations on the data over a REST API.


Draft Warren Campaign

Developer San Francisco, CA 2014

I volunteered my time to build a responsive campaign microsite that let voters send pre-designed postcards to Senator Elizabeth Warren encouraging her to run for president.

Although Senator Warren did not end up running in 2016, the campaign was still a hit and it sent a powerful message about what grassroots campaigns can achieve online.

Rise Over Run Magazine

Founder Bowling Green, KY 2007 - 2009

I started an online culture magazine in college. I built and maintained the website, produced content, art directed photo shoots, coordinated fundraising events, and managed a staff of student writers and photographers.

The magazine won the 2007 Society of Professional Journalists Mark of Excellence Award for Best All-Around Independent Online Student Publication.

Hack Nashville 2013

Developer Nashville, TN 2013

On several occasions, I have joined local developers for weekend-long hackathons to make games and apps.

At Hack Nashville 2013, I built Superchat to experiment with web sockets and other HTML5 capabilities. Features included a chat room, drawing to a shared canvas, and drag-and-drop file uploads all in real time.

Marquee Mayfield

Developer Nashville, TN 2012

Nashville singer and songwriter Andrew Glass turned to me to build the website for his funk and soul band Marquee Mayfield. The responsive website showcases their music videos and tour dates.

I also designed a vinyl record and album sleeve promoting one of the band's live shows.


Western Kentucky University

BA, Advertising & Graphic Design 3.9 GPA 2009

Conferences Attended

WWDC 2014, 2015
Camp Sass 2013
Throne of JavaScript 2012

Michael Puckett

Louisville, KY 40206